Karen W.

Dora and her team are magnificent. The short version:
1) She’s prepared= saves you time
2) She’s thorough: contract was clear with a descriptive item list for each room/area
3) She’s a perfectionist/artist/creator: the house looked fabulous- like a model home.
4) She’s good with change/solutions: changed your mind? (want full vs partial staging?) she is very responsive/flexible
5) She has a great team: Team is professional, clean, courteous, and careful
6) Pricing is reasonable, and an exceptional value for the quality.
7) Results: House got multiple offers over asking

The long version:
1) Preparation: Dora responded quickly to my inquiry, and came prepared: She took pictures of the vacant space on her camera, and not only advised on changing one of the wall colors (which was a shade of yellow) to a neutral shade, but even had her color chart ready to show which color worked best in the home.
2) Thorough: She later provided a written estimate detailing what items she would bring for each room, the length of time included in the staging fee, and amount of notice she needed to destage
3) Perfectionist Artist: She had an initial plan, but then later, I noticed it evolved. If a rug didn’t look right somewhere, then it wasn’t there, but if an area still needed ‘something’, she added extra little side tables to make it more cozy. Also, you know someone is great, when they can figure out a problem no one else can. We had an area of the house that was hard to stage. I looked at pictures of other homes that had sold with the same floor plan to see what other realtors/sellers/stagers put there. Others had left the spot empty. Dora made the space into an attractive seating area.
4) Flexible/Solution-oriented: I initially asked for a quote for a partial staging, but later, when we realized we might want to do a full stage of the home instead of a partial- she consulted on the pros and cons, and gave us an estimated budget, and then when we decided to do the whole house, she revised the quote for us.
5) Team is awesome: Her team was very clean and careful on both the move-in and move-out. When it was time to destage, Dora was quick to get her team coordinated to move out.
6) Budget friendly: I got multiple quotes. She wasn’t the lowest price, but also not the highest. She stood out as an exceptional value for the length of time we got the staging, the amount of staging, and the quality of the furnishings, service, and expertise.
7) Results: 1st day after broker’s Open House Tour had two requests for preemptive offers, and the following week when offers were due, got multiple offers over asking.

Working with Dora and her team was a pleasure- Thank you!


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